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Here is a list of

devices and sites

that provide the

FNDTV Channels for your convenience:

Sunrise over the Wheat Field



for the whole family

Concrete Wall
FNDTV's own OTT Platform (Hundreds of Subscribers) >
Contact FNDTV at to purchase a  FNDTV  IP Set-Top-Box  and Subscribe to the 4 Live FNDTV Channels (2 English & 2 French Live Channels).

FNDTV is also on YouMaker ! Click Here to View >Inspirational Video Message by our Founder, and More. Have a peek.

FNDTV on Faith Based TV Programming Worldwide, GINIKO FAITH >
Look for FNDTV-English Live & FNDTV-Français Direct within the list of Giniko Faith Channels.
Fraternite Notre Dame TV - Youtube Channel >

Public Access Cable TV in Chicagoland, Illinois: CANTV, Cable Channel 36 >
FNDTV is running an ongoing Series called: “A Look At Life”
Fridays, 5pm and Mondays, 7am.

FNDTV is also on Rumble !
Click Here Now >Bishop Jean Marie's Weekly Video Message and More. Great Platform.

If you know a TV platform that may be interested in adding the FNDTV Channels to their lineup, please let us know and we will be happy to contact them!

Pray the Rosary for the USA!

Persecuted Christians

Hosted by the
Handmaids of Our Lady

That the voiceless may be heard and that they could be seen on TV to let the world know that Christians are persecuted in countless countries around the world...

Help us welcome them.

The Bishop's

Gourmet Dishes

- Cooking Show -
Only on FNDTV!

Embark on a journey through French Cuisine with Bishop Jean Marie and Father Marie Samuel - Rare recipes; common ingredients; amazing results. You may try this at home!

Blessed Virgin

Become a Marian
Apostle Too!

Through your subscriptions and donations, we spread the Gospel Message and share our Love for the Mother of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Be a part of this exciting adventure!

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